Not received BAT

Someone send me 30 BAT
Why im receiving 5 BAT not 29 or 30 BAT

Similar thing happened to me few tines.

Last time I only received 2.38 BAT instead of 20 that was sent through a tip.

It seems that what you’re receiving in your Verified Publisher / Brave Creators Wallet is your referral bonus for the download, and not the tip that the person gave you. I read somewhere that the tips (if they are from Free Token Grants) will come to you next month IF those users who tipped you continue to use Brave “minimally.” When those Downloads/Installs become “Confirmed,” then you are supposed to be able to receive their tips. This is supposedly true about “User Growth Pool” BAT, and not “Self-Funded” BAT. However, I’ve been reading complaints here and on Reddit that some people who have both “UGP” BAT and “Self-Funded” BAT are experiencing issues.

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