Contributions not received

My friend recently sent me tips to my youtube channel… But I had not yet received it. Is there any speculated time that token will reach my wallet?..If not please consider this issue🙏. Thank you

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Bro you receive bat this July 8 :innocent:

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@Kavin_twinned - i would say, that if everything went fine, you should see updated balance on your publisher account next day

Okiee then I’ll check tomorrow.Thank you❤️

Yes u can see your publiser creator account tips but bat receive only monthly to your uphold account

My friend tip me 8bat but I don’t receive any bat token in my brave creator account.

Please solve this issue.


Yup i Have same problem too… tip from my friend not landing to my brave publisher account

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It’s the same for me, I see it’s a general problem that started this month, hopefully they can solve it soon and those BATs won’t get lost in the drift please


I have the same issue. I have tipped 77 BAT (according to my wallet statement) but only 19 BAT appeared on creators account. It was 3 days ago so I guess it is an issue…

I tipped only one website:

The balance on creators account after 3 days:

@steeven can you look at this?

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No only monthly you receive bat on your uphold account

Waited a day long no bat received :sneezing_face:


Hi all - if you haven’t already, please DM me the email connected to your accounts, and when the tips were sent. Thanks!

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