Did not received exact amount of Tip

Hello! I’m just wondering, my sister tried to tipped me 70 BAT and a friend tipped me 40 BAT, but I only got 76.24 BAT in my account. Why is that?

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You should be receiving everything; perhaps it’s just a slight delay. (Can you check your dashboard again?) Can you get your friend to provide a screenshot of their tipping history in brave://rewards)?


I’ve checked my dashboard again and my balance is still the same. I’ve checked my friend’s history and i saw the total tip with the date.

this is my friend’s history

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Thanks for the screenshot. It looks like at least 20 of that BAT probably will not arrive in your account until later. The explanation, I believe, is the following:

When you press “recurring” on a tip, it actually does not tip the BAT instantly and then add a recurrence. Instead, it sets aside a tip that will send later (e.g., on the date of Auto-Contribute) and will recur monthly from that point forward. I see 2 tips marked as “recurring”, so that is probably what happened with at least 20 of the BAT.

I understand that this behavior is quite counter-intuitive. I will discuss this further with the team.

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In the screenshot, you will see that there are 6 transactions. 4 of them are successful. My friend’s balance is only 40 BAT. I think that the 2 recurring transactions have been sent. My problem is that my sister tipped me 70 BAT, so I should have 110 BAT in my dashboard but I only got 76.24 BAT.

Do you mind having your sister also share a screenshot as well?

We’ll also check the back-end, but front-end screenshots are very very helpful as well since you know who tipped you.


this is my sister’s tip history. Her balance was 70 BAT.

Thanks. I’ve forwarded this to the publishers back-end team so they can check the ledger server/database. That said, is there anything in this area of brave://rewards?

Note the “You’ve designated 26.3 BAT for creators who haven’t yet …” warning. I am wondering if there is some amount there in your friend’s and sister’s browsers that could explain the difference.

No, there’s nothing like that in the dashboard.

Thanks Ronalddd. Your case has been raised internally, and we are having back-end engineers look at it. It is currently the weekend, but we will see what is going on. Thanks for your patience!

It happened to my friend also. He said that he transferred 40 BAT to his other laptop. but did not received it

I think I’m having the same issue with BAT not arriving to my creator account. I’ll try waiting a week or so but I think it just got “lost”. The people who donated don’t have the BAT they sent to my channel anymore and there’s a tipping history that says it pretty clearly.
I think there’s more work to be done on the BAT transferring system

I have the same problem. I have been tipped 6x 30 BAT and 5x 25 BAT, but received only 200 BAT on my pending account. It is several days I’ve received last BATs.
PS: They were sent partially (30 = 10+10+10, 25 = 10+10+5)

Why have I only received a portion of my tip?

This can occur when a user sends a tip but closes their browser too quickly, halting the tipping process before it can complete. After a period of time, the remaining undelivered portion of the tip should be returned to the sender’s wallet and be reflected in the wallet balance accordingly. Given our privacy protocol for tips, there is not much we can do at the moment apart from wait and see.

Thank you for quick answer.
I don’t know how fast they closed their browser. But majority of them are now using Brave instead of their old browser. I ask them whether they got their tipped BATs back.

btw, how long approximately does it take to those undelivered tips are returned back?

I am not sure, but I imagine it could take up to a month for everything that is touched by this issue to be updated and rebalanced (like settlement amounts to publishers, etc.).

I see. It is about 10 day now, so still plenty of time. Thank you

I have the same problem, a friend tipped me with 15 Bats but what received was 14,01 Bats!