Contributed my BAT to my youtube channel that is linked to my BRAVE WALLET but haven’t received in my wallet yet

I have received 20 BAT at the morning around 10 am. Instantly then i tipped 15 bat(10BAT+5 BAT) to my youtube channel that is linked to my brave WALLET.

Now It’s 03:30 pm but I haven’t received my payment at my BRAVE WALLET yet


Hi @Sakibias007 - welcome to community. How did you receive the 20 BAT? What OS and Brave version are you using? Thanks in advance.


Using Android 9

I Don’t know how did I receive 20 BAT… But My Brave rewards are turned on and I have. Turned on the Add option


@steeven I think it’s from grants.

@Sakibias007 also please note, that self-tipping (BAT from grants) may lead to account suspension.

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I didn’t know that. What to do then for earn BAT?

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As a creator, becoming Brave Verified Publisher is allowing you to receive tips/contribution from your viewers/fans. And/or by referring new users to Brave via referral program.

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