Missing Tip I didn't receive 30+ BAT that was tipped in my verified publishers account

I had 100+ BAT token in my mobile. I tipped myself so I can transfer the fund to my uphold. I tipped 10 BAT, 10 times so I can send the 100 BAT, and the excess were sent in 5 BAT and 1 BAT. Everything were deducted in my wallet but 30 BAT didn’t went through. My mobile brave wallet was emptied but only 67.45 (95% of 71) was received in my publishers account. 30+ BAT is gone. That’s more than 10 USD worth. It’s not even appearing in my tips history section. My sister also tipped me 1 BAT 2x but I never received it.

same happen to me over here,i did not receive the full tips sent to me half of it went missing

I hope they do something about it. This isn’t the only time this happened to me. I didn’t really mind at first but I had to post it now that it happened multiple times.

My YouTube channel was tipped 10 BAT last month, but I never received it. Can someone help?

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