Not able to sync between devices

I have the following versions installed on my devices:

Brave Stable (Android) - 1.39.115

Brave Beta (Android) - 1.40.80

Brave Nightly (Android) - 1.41.30

Brave Stable (iOS) (iPhone) - 1.38 (

I have sync setup on the iOS version of the app. When I go to Settings > Sync on iPhone I see my iPhone listed there and my Android tablet also listed there. When I open the browser on my Android Tablet and go to Settings > Sync the only thing I see listed my Android Tablet.

How do I use the same sync chain in the browser on iPhone in the browser on my Android Tablet.

You’ll need to add your tablet to the Sync chain created on your iOS device. Simply leave any sync chain the tablet is already on, go to your iOS device, view your Sync code, then go back to your tablet, then Sync --> I have a sync code and use this code to add your tablet to the chain.

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I don’t know how to see the code on the iPhone or Android versions.

On your mobile device, go to Settings --> Sync --> Add new device and you will be able to view your Sync code (or scan the QR code)

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