Not able to link Brave wallet to Metamask

For over a year, I’ve had the Metamask extension linked to my Brave Crypto wallet, and that worked great. Recently, I installed the Coinbase wallet extension as well, and when I’d go to connect Metamask to a site, I’d have the choice of linking Metamask to either Coinbase wallet or Brave wallet. I would normally deny the Coinbase wallet connection, and connect to Brave wallet - but recently I connected to Coinbase wallet. Since then, however, I have no longer gotten the option to connect Metamask to the Brave wallet. I’ve deleted the Coinbase wallet extension from Brave, but now Metamask only gives me the option to utilize it’s own accounts (nothing linked). Help! It’s not clear to me at this point how to get Metamask to connect with my Brave wallet, so that i can utilize Uniswap and other dapps as I have in the past. I saw references to a dapp setting in Brave Settings, but I don’t see that listed? The only setting I see under “Wallets” is the “Default Cryptocurrency Wallet”, and that is set to Metamask. Thanks for any assistance anyone can offer!


This doesn’t actually make sense. They’re two seperate wallets. You can’t link them. You can point them to the same account if you put the same seed words into both.

Sounds like you’re using a lot of different wallets. What you could do to make sure none interfere with the other is to use multiple browser level profiles. And use one wallet in each one. If you’d rather you could also do something like install Brave Beta, Brave Nightly and Brave Release and have 3 different profiles that way too.

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