NordVPN use for 3 days has shut down all ads/rewards

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Early January I downloaded and used NordVPN for access to a site I had no access to. I used the VPN on/off for a couple of days around 1/1/22 - 1/8/22 or so, and I haven’t used it since. Around this time Gemini wallet verification etc., went down and I haven’t received any ads OR rewards since 1/13/22. I have tried re-installing the browser, adjust ads, trying to reset all the options in the brave://flags etc., and nothing has worked.

Someone had mentioned it could be the fact that I used a VPN and if that’s the case I apologize, and I was not using the VPN as a work around for the ads as I already received the max ads I could. I never changed my specific location in the Brave browser to anything except Wisconsin which is where I’m from.

Any help would be appreciated and I hope I haven’t shot myself in the foot with using a separate VPN. I have not used the VPN since before I even stopped getting rewards so I’m not sure if something got triggered with the wallet verification or what, but any advice would help. Thank you.


Is NordVPN currently installed on your desktop PC?

Yes but I don’t even have an active membership and it’s not auto-launched on start or anything. I will delete it now, but will that solve the problem? Or what do I need to do once it’s gone?

Edit: I’ve removed NordVPN completely.


“I’ve removed NordVPN completely.”

That may be problematic: Installations, particularly on Windows OS machines, tend to park various pieces in rural areas, that are left behind by an “un-installer.”

And, one or more of such pieces, might still run . . . you might look for them running, in the Windows Task Manager.

Next objective, is to study posts and replies, here:

You will notice that “brian” has been a common participant, determined to help.

And take a look at:

And a search for “gemini”

UPDATE 2022-03-04 Friday

An un-installer for Windows OS – iObit:

I still don’t understand what the problem is with using a VPN to browse. VPNs serve to protect users’ privacy, but it seems Brave users don’t have that right. It is absurd and ridiculous that for the simple fact of using a VPN you are considered a suspect / robot or something similar.

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