Non-Profit participation is impossible

Rewards is useless for Non-Profit corporations. Uphold will not accept non-profit accounts. What do I do with the BAT that has been donated to my creator site? I have nowhere that I can send my funds. Completely useless.

Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately I do not have a solution for you at this time. We’re aware of this particular oversight and apologize for the inconvenience. We are, however, working to provide alternative withdrawal solutions for publishers that should accomodate non-profits as well.
We appreciate your support and patience.

If the nonprofit has a donate url on thier website, could brave set up a backdoor donation that would be tax deductable to Brave? For example, the non-profit I wish to donate to happens to facilitate gifts in a streamlined fashion and would only require Brave to create a “Charities” division to automate payments and maybe let users know that they are taking a modest % for processing requirements (basically the % Brave would have to pay in taxes to claim the BAT for themselves as “earned income”)