I am unable to redeem my BAT rewards to uphold (no deposit into Uphold account since June 2020)

Hello, I need some assistance. Maybe someone could provide some advice.
I have not received any BAT since June. I posted my question possibly in the wrong place.

I am not sure how to resolve this issue at this point. This issue hadn’t arisen before the update was performed for the brave browser to synch other mobiles. Suddenly deposits stopped taking place.

Thank you.

PS: Glad to be a person who knows others in the industry. Others reading this.
1.- I had read from others posting that no one responds to issues on this site. (I did not want to believe it)
2.- The project seems like a great way to move forward considering you could support the content creators. ( I was looking to become one and know plenty of people who were looking for my input on this.)
3. Do not invest your time or money into this project NOT SERIOUS when you have waited for weeks now on responses.


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