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I just signed in to my Brave Browser on my backup Android phone that I’ve been using for several months. I used the account name and password for the Brave installation on my older failing Android phone. I had/have BAT from last year into this year, still stranded on that older phone, plus quite a bit of BAT on my newer one I’ve been using for a few months, and just now signed into.

I have been waiting for the ability to put the BAT from both phones into my Uphold account, which I already had before I even started using Brave. But since I don’t have any desktop/laptop option, I couldn’t do it.

Apparently, the new update fixes that problem?? But how do I get it into Uphold? There’s nothing under the Braves Rewards thing, nothing there to click on to make it happen.

And also I want to make sure you guys didn’t grab back the initial BAT that I received when I initially started using Brave last year. There was some kind of time limit to get it out, but there was no way to actually get it out if we weren’t on a desktop, which I didn’t have the option of.

So basically, this is about 2 different, but related issues. Can you please help me?

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Actually it says “Sorry, this account confirmation link is no longer valid. Perhaps your account is already active?”

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  1. When you click on red triangle, you should see in top left corner verify wallet option
  2. As far as I know, all grants had same expiration date and were not supposed to be withdrawn but to support publishers
  1. Thanks, I found that. And it seemed to link up to my Uphold account. But the BAT is still showing in the browser, rather than the Uphold app, or the Uphold account when opened in the browser. There seems to be no way to transfer out

  2. What we use the BAT for is our business. There’s no publisher I want to contribute to, or at least none that are signed up.

  3. I don’t recognize “expiration dates”. It’s not our fault that this Android connection took so long. The expiration date needs to be rescinded and any BAT taken away during this interminable period, put back where it belongs. In our accounts. Lawyers would make short work of any situation where some business incentive of value was taken away because of a deadline set by, and made impossible to meet, by the business themselves. That’s a form of “bait and switch” marketing. It’s illegal in all its forms. Brave needs to restore any BAT they’ve taken away, due to their Android delays.

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Meanwhile the BAT isn’t showing up in my Uphold app. Although I have received an email from Uphold saying that it is linked with Brave

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  1. If you are talking about free grants (not earned rewards) it was supposed to support publisher ecosystem, not to support you
  2. Your earned rewards have no expiration date

Nonsense. They are for whatever purpose we choose. Creators have to be signed up, and very few, aside from the Left, are signed up for it yet.

They have to be worthy of support, AND signed up. Then I will consider it.

I’m not going to be that guy who buys a pizza for what turned out to be $10,000 in Bitcoin a few years later.

The freebie BAT was a material incentive to try the Brave Browser, and sign up for the BAT. To not provide any way to redeem it, before an artificial “deadline” expires, is de facto, illegal switch and bait. Brave needs to ask its lawyers. Lack of legal precedent is irrelevant. This could set the legal precedent, if necessary. So to prevent that from happening, BAT needs to be fair and restore the BAT given initially, now that the Android method is (supposedly) available. And as we speak, the BAT is still not in my Uphold account, although they’re linked.


I see that my previous posts were deleted. Why is that?

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The issues I brought up won’t go away by deleting them.

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Oh, I see now that my posts were not actually deleted, but were split over to another Topic.

It would be a good idea, when that is done, to have the system send an automatic email to the person(s) whose comments are being split off to another topic, to notify them that is the case. Otherwise, they’re likely to think, as I did, that it’s been deleted. If I’d received an automated email regarding it, with a link to the new Topic, I’d never have said anything here about it. I don’t have any problem with it being split off, as long as it’s not ignored.


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