Non-Android phone User Agent

I’ve been switching back and forth between browsers on my mobile devices, but always end up back at Brave.
The desktop mode works perfectly on a tablet, but on a phone, sometimes I find the legitimate Android browsing mode not ambigious enough, but the desktop mode is usually an UX disaster on a small, portrait oriented screen.
As far as I know the “Mobile” string can be used with the generic " X11; Linux" string, similarly to the desktop mode.
It would be nice if this feature was added to the phone version (which will obviously have to determine if it’s a phone, not a tablet).
Websites that want you to install their app if viewed from a phone could be bypassed too.

Thank you for reaching out to us.
The Android browser is actually going through a relatively large overhaul at this time where the Desktop and mobile app will move to the same code base. I believe this will resolve several misc. issues like the one you’re describing here.

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That would be definitely a welcome move, if it gives proper, portrait phone rendering, without nagging with the apps.

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