Desktop mode, Mobile browser Samsung Galaxy s10e

Description of the issue:

If I save a bookmark as www. is there a way to make brave access the site as a desktop vs mobile by setting? Now if I click this link the browser will access it as a mobile but if I switch to desktop mode it will access as desktop.

Reason is I use brave to access a social media site that I do not want in my phone as an app. If I acess the site in mobile mode I do not get access to all the features and am harassed constantly with notifications to download the app. If I use brave in desktop mode I get full acess and no BS.

A feature I’d really be after is to customize bookmarks so that they will be opened as either mobile or desktop mode based off a bookmark setting. (Like when you click and hold on a bookmark and the menu pops up. Ideally a new setting to open as mobile or desktop automatically.)

Expected result:
Either have a desktop address (www.) automatically open in desktop mode vs mobile (m.).

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details

Samsung Galaxy s10e

Additional Information:

I think that this is a reasonable feature request, but at this time we do not support it. Its more of an “all or nothing” situation. I’ll bring this up to the Android team for review as I do think it would be a useful addition.

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