No token grants from ads only half of brave creators from tips

I only received half of my brave creators and no token grants from ads and the ads on my computer it went from 8 tokens down to 2 last night for no reason. So on my phone it says i click on 27 ads pay out of 6.5bat on my computer it says 22 ads but only 2.5 bat. This doesn’t make any sense that 4 ads will make a 4 bat token difference something is weird. For my brave creators i was supposed to get over 40 tokens from tips and i only received 26 .

Hello there, thank you for posting!

Due to the high volume of Payout support requests, we’re directing all queries regarding late/incomplete payouts to the monthly payout megathread, located here. This is to help better track these issues and keep forum clutter down.

Thank you.