Tipped Token Amount Not Received

I Tipped 0.500 BAT on My Twitter Account (Verified), But That Tip Amount Not Showing in my Publishers Account.

Tip 1

Tip 2

And The Second Problem is I didn’t get full reward I suppose to get total 7 BAT But instead i Get only 0.25 BAT, Please Fix this Issue ASAP

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The same thing happened to me. Only I have a lot more donations every month.

Same thing i faced and i already post that but no reply

They’re already working on the 0.25 BAT thing. On the tipping, I showed a new user how to tip our YT creator account on their android the other day. He only sent 1 BAT to try it out but it didn’t show either - balance stayed the same before and after my end.

I have the same problem. I sent 10 BATS from my android device to my Youtube channel and it doesn’t appear in the tip balance. @steeven @Mattches Should we wait for the BATS to arrive or will you guys fix it?

Agree all the mess inside this reward section doesnt look good for brave as a whole.

Not too happy with all the people ive encouraged to use this.
And find out all these issues have been happening recently.
Hopefully they figure it out and can shed the light on the issue soon!

Not to make less of this issue but if your looking for a great project check out hector.finance
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same problem happened with me also.i send 3 bat to my publisher account . but not received @steeven brother please look at this matter ( sorry for my weak english)

the same thing happened with me today

@steeven Plz Reply, Help Us to find the Solution

Please stop self-tipping your own accounts. This activity is highly likely to get your account flagged by our system.