No rewards for some referrals

Hey. On August 26, I wrote on the forum to many of my friends, they installed Brave at my link Now I turned to this forum, many of them did not delete the browser, they even sent me screenshots confirming this. But there are no confirmations for them on the panel; for the 26th, there is not a single confirmation at all. On this day, I have the most installations, or rather 18 installations. And in confirmations 0, not a single one. And after the 1st day for 1 referral they will pay 2, not 5 dollars. So for these 18 installations, even if I get a reward, will it be 5 or 2 dollars?

Since they installed in August, you’ll get paid out at the $5 rate for those installs only.

Looking at your chart, you have almost no 30-day retention from your users. Getting your users to browse the web with Brave for a 30+ day period is required in order for you to be paid out by the referral promo.

Take a look here for more information:

Thank you so much!
There have never been any problems, everything works stably, only sometimes you need to wait for confirmations.

Asad, I have a few questions for you.

I use a translator, sorry for the mistakes.

  1. I am from Ukraine, people have questions, but you do not have information in Russian. I was thinking of making a website, but I don’t know what is allowed to do …? Is it possible to copy the appearance, I think not to change the information, but only translate it into Russian and Ukrainian, and possibly into Polish.

  2. I would like to learn more about materials and design, maybe I can make the site look like? Or one to one, or translate the site and provide you with a translation. I think about this, but I cannot come to a final conclusion.

I am very happy for your project, even before that Brendan Eich was an idol for me, I support and thank these people for what they are doing, as well as Linus. They make a great contribution to humanity if it were not for them all would be much worse. Thank you for being there, looking forward to hearing. Sincerely, Vasily Abramov.

Hi there!

1 - No. Copying or reusing Brave assets, be they images or words, is strictly prohibited.
2 - Same story here – the site cannot look like or any of our other sites. We suspend accounts regularly for this, so I don’t recommend it!