No referral option for India? Why?

Hello Brave community,
I’m akki785 from India. This is my first post here. So if this post belong somewhere else, please move it.

I recently verified my account with Uphold and was excited about the referral program. Because I have a group of 2000 crypto-lovers. From where I can easily generate 150-200 app install.
But the problem is the members are from India as it’s a private group.

So, my question is, if someone uses my referral code and installs the Brave browser, will I get paid?

Also, I shared my referral link on Twitter and I got a referral from Group 2 countries (don’t know exactly which one.
So, my dashboard looks something like this

So, how many days it’ll take to be it a CONFIRMED referral? And will I get paid only if this become a confirmed referral?

If someone knows these answers, kindly reply.


@akki788 yes, you will be paid by the confirmed referrals not by downloads… and only be paid every 8th of the month.

Thank you for your reply.
So, I get paid after confirmation that means after one month I guess.

And do you know about getting paid from referrals from India?

India falls under group 5 i.e for every confirmed you get 1 USD
Confirmed means that user have downloaded, installed and used browser for 30 days

@akki788 that person must use the brave browser for 1month(30days). It will only be then considered as confirmed referral.

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What do you mean by saying “used browser for 30 days”?

Is it mean that the referral have to open Brave browser everyday?

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I still didn’t get it.
Does it mean the referral has to keep the Brave browser for 30 days minimum or has to open everyday for 30 days minimum?
Can you elaborate?

@akki788 they need to be an active user…
They need to use it. Because you referring a “user”… it is not hard to do right?, because we do use our devices everyday.

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And it is clearly written that referred person has to proceed to use the browser

If you uninstall browser than it won’t be counted as continuous use, If you keep as it is it is not counted as using the browser

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It’s clear to me now.
Thanks guys for your replies.

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