Refferal confirmation

I have just shared my referral link with 2 persons. The ‘confirmation’ and ‘downloaded’ haven’t been updated. I’m aware that the new registrators have to use brave for 30 days for me to be able to get my awards. But i’m thinking that i should get some confirmation that my referrals have downloaded or am i wrong?


Hi @barzinski - welcome to community!

Has the ‘Install’ panel updated? The confirmation will update after 30 days of continuous use.

Hey! Thank you Steven, i’m happy to be here. My referrals downloaded a couple days of ago but the install panel still says zero.

hey… still no remedy…

i have referred o my friend and its showing downloaded=1 but confirmed=0 and installed=0 why?? is it because 30 days are not complete , after 30 day completion it will show confirmed and installed ??? but i know the personed downloaded it, installed it and aslo confirmed it using brave and also earning rewads than why its taking 30 days to confirm ??
and when i will recievd my refferal amount after 30 days?? means say one installed on 1st april so on 30 april duration complete and i will recieved my BAT on 1st may , is it so???