Brave Rewards Timeline

As I am presently aware, the Brave referral program ends on December 31, 2019. Does that mean we will be paid for confirmed installs for November and December into pay periods in Jan and Feb 2020? Thanks.

That’s a question I’ve asked months ago. You won’t get an answer, because they don’t know. (At least the customer support)

I’ve a strong feeling that they will continue the referral program. From beginning they said they will only spend $1 million. It’s already $2.2 million in referrals.

They probably have done their homework and figured out that in the long term one user from U.S has a bigger CLTV than $7.5 :slight_smile:

Hello ernests1 and thanks for your reply. Actually what I am saying is that since it takes 30+ days to be paid for a confirmed install will we get paid for our referrals generated before December 31 but that had been generated in let’s say sometime during December since the pay day for that December confirmed install happened after December 31.

I am operating under the assumption that any downloads after December 31 will not count since that is the date for the programs ending but I still want to know I will be paid for those November and December downloads on pay out schedules that are dated after December 31st.

See what I am saying?

To your point, that’s actually very interesting. It would be nice to hear that they will extend the program beyond December 31. At this point I just want to make sure I am paid for my confirmed installed and they pay us for installs on pay out dates that come after December 31st.

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