Brave I never pay for my referrals (DO NOT CONFIRM MY REFERRALS)

I have more than 30 referrals who have met the payment parameters and have never been paid for them. I have published post numbers in the Brave Community and they have never given me a solution. I attach evidence from the month of MARCH.

you only get paid from confirmations

Obviously, the problem is that the system does not confirm my references with more than a month of using Brave.

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Hi @fdgabriel - the next payout is scheduled for Monday. Message me on Tuesday if you don’t receive the expected amount. Thanks!

Hi, I have had similar issues, I worked 247 over the last few months to bring new user to the brave platform every single day, I get between 10 -25 downloads & installs every single day.

With that in mind you would expect my rewards balance to increase every single day as new user fill the 30 day requirement. And I can tel you I ain’t getting confirms everyday.

I hope the issues are resolved soon.

Hello Steven, I am writing to inform you since March, they do not pay me the first referral. I have months in the same situation

@fdgabriel you only get paid for confirmed referral. Not downloaded nor installed.

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