No recording link in Dashboard

I had a presentation yesterday over Brave Talk premium, which I recorded (the red dot showed up in the middle of the top of the screen), but there is no link to the recording in my dashboard. Usually it shows up immediately, and I can download after 5 minutes or so, but this time nothing.

The 24 hours are almost up … I waited to see if it would appear today. No luck.

Any help or tips appreciated. Thanks.

I think I figured out what happened and am posting here to help others.

I used my laptop for the presentation, and then went to look for the recording on my desktop. I found I had been logged out there, so I requested a new login link and got back in. BUT the recording didn’t show up on my page there.

Then I went back to the laptop and tried to log in there again, but once again, no recording.

My guess is that you lose the connection to the recording if you log out (or log into a different browser instance).