No recordings are available at this address

Hello I have recorded a session using brave talks and its been about a couple of hours. I have the session download button, however when I click the link I receive a message " No recordings are available at this address".

I’ve clicked on the download link:

Your Recordings

However I get the following message, when I click to download.

Can someone please help as the recording is set to disappear within 24 hours.

My Best


It seems that the recording needs to be processed. I hope this is the case and you can download the video later.

Read this post 2 hour Brave PREMIUM Talk session recordings links not working! - #10 by Mattches

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Hi @bithomie, is this still an issue for you?

Thank you for this! I saw this but didnt understand if the issue was resolved. I think I need to set my mind that the longer the session is the longer it will take to process. In the midst of this a new problem occurred where the download is not even showing up, as of last night at which time it was <24 hours. I will keep trying on new recordings and just give it a few hours to correct itself. I appreciate the support.

Hi @steeven - Thanks for the follow-up. I just responded above. After entering this issue, the recording went away shortly after, this was before the 24 hour time stamp which has now passed. I will try again and if I have issues re-open. For the interim this issue is resolved.

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