Brave Talk recording not available

Description of the issue:
I recorded a ~90 minute meeting tonight with my Brave Talk Premium account. The meeting ended 2 hours ago, and the link for the recording is still reporting: “No recordings are available at this address”

**Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. On Brave Talk account page, click link for “Your Recorded Calls”
2. link opens “No Recordings” page

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):

Expected result:
Recording download begins

Reproduces how often:
This happens shortly after a call (within a few minutes), but this is the first time it has persisted this long.

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Windows OS
Chrome was used for the Brave Talk session

Additional Information:
The recording link is not showing up on my account page at all if I log in on a different browser with the same account. I don’t know if this is typical

UPDATE: This recording is still not available after 20 hours.

@Mattches @steeven tagging as not sure what can be done, if any.


I just noticed that it looks like the recording has never been stopped! It now says it’s 21 hours long. Is there anyway to stop the recording after I’ve left the meeting?

Very strange behavior — looking into this now. Can you please share a screenshot of where you are seeing the message that the recording is 21hr long?


I think it stopped when I went back into the meeting and created a new recording (the 17 second one, which I can download).

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But you still cannot download the first meeting you recorded?

No I could not. I wasn’t able to login later to see if it became available, and both recordings are gone now.

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience here. The Talk team has been informed of this issue and are taking a look to see if they can find the cause.

@kathrynm out of curiosity, did you press the button to disconnect or did you just close the browser? Curious which way you left the meeting?

And @Mattches hoping you can find out and reply on how the call recording is intended to happen. (1) Is there a particular button to hit to stop the recording or should it automatically end when the host leaves? (2) If it is based on the host leaving, does matter how they exit? For example, closing the tab/browser vs hitting the hangup/call end button?

It shouldn’t matter how they exit — the recording should be available after the last person leaves the meeting.

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I could swear I was able to close the browser but remain in the meeting before, but couldn’t replicate it now. So perhaps that was fixed. We’ve also had people during Community Call who got disconnected and rejoined, but we saw two of them in the participant list as it was showing them active from the frozen/disconnected side.

So I guess I was trying to think about such a glitch/issue. If it shows someone there but they really aren’t, such as a disconnect or whatever (especially on mobile), then would it possibly cause the issue we see here. Especially if it is when the last participant leaves and not when the host exits.

If the system/server doesn’t automatically time out or something, then I guess it would just be up to the host to return and kick anyone out so the call would end? Anyway, just a thought and something to mention in case it might help. Otherwise I know you all are looking into it.

We are and because of this issue, we’re also looking into alternative ways of alerting the user/host that the recording is available. More information as it comes.

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