Brave Talk recording link

I used Brave Talk for a meeting, recorded that meeting, but when I stopped the record I didn’t got any link, or any popup telling me a link is being process. (I did got a vocal message telling me the recording was being stopped)
How can I get it now ?

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Today i got a premium account and made my first meeting and recorded that meeting, but had the same problem i stopped the conference and i didn´t get link i lost de popo message.

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Yeah it would be nice if we could get links of previous recorded sessions in our personal account page.
This issue have been raised last month already.

Is there anything new about this @Mattches ?

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Nothing I just used the recording but y lost the pop pop windows and didn’t get the link, and when I finished the meeting I couldn’t get the meeting record.

It necessary to have a button o link an option to get the recording link any time in the meeting or after the meeting, if ipsy save the file at least one day, brave talk should give us the opportunity to get access to the recordings files.

Keep posting some about this problem.

Unfortunately you do need to have the link to access the recording. I believe we are working on changing this feature such that you can access recordings (or the link to it/them) even after closing the meeting tab.

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Thanks for answering, unfortunately I lost my recording, I hope you make an improvement in the service, because I think the brave apps are a good alternative to use but they need to keep updating to improve the service.


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We’ll be sure to update everyone as new Talk features get released.

Thank you.

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Thank’s for the answer,
I’ll have to use an other service in the mean time then.
Beside that issue, the experience went smoothly for most of the people in the room (some IOS/X users got sound issue with safari tho).

Seems that the requested option have been added .

Question - what quality does the meetings record at? I use Zoom for my podcast interviews for audio/video but having something higher quality would rock. Wondering the specs on the the recordings. Thanks!

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It record at the quality you are able to stream.
Not satisfying to me, network slowdown will affect it.
Zoom record locally (at least with the app), so you don’t get this kind of issues.
Alternative is to record your screen yourself with something like OBS.