No receive payments

Hi there , im not reveive any payments from brave in my uphold wallet until 3 months , i got connect and verify all

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@jabluszko79 do you have any bat pending payment

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yes i got about 2 months now

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Could you do me a favour and send a screenshot of your publisher dashboard and blur information that you deem private

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Thanks. The first image is your browser wallet. That is currently not linked to your personal uphold Account in currently official release. The 3rd image is the one that brave is payout out this week. So please be a little patience your 64bat would be sent to your uphold. The third image is your publisher account. While the first image is your browser wallet and account. They are separate for each other.

I wait about 4 months for my uphold account and I can’t wait :slight_smile: all the time is waiting, I started to be dissatisfied with this

What is about 4 months? When did you register with

The brave browser is different for. Brave publisher. I can see you have 48BAT in your browser.

That is browser wallet. And they are working on a feature to also transfer that to your personal uphold Account. Upcoming Solutions (welcomed good news)

im register end of may i think and still not get any rewards, thats update ?

Have you gotten tipped and do you use your referral. @eljuno could step in

i tipped and register from ref so thats strange

By the picture you sent it is just 64 bat just wait till 10 or 11 and if it is not paid message me

It seems as though there are a lot of publishers that came on during June and July that haven’t gotten their payments yet.

It may be some issue with the way they are adding publishers to their payout ledgers. Seems like it’s a manual process and the person responsible for that is not adding new publishers to the payout ledgers.

What makes me believe that is last month when I didn’t get paid I posted the issue to Reddit and Brave support there sent me some canned reply saying that everyone got paid. However it’s obvious not everyone is getting paid so in their payout ledger it looks like all publishers got paid but the person responsible for the updates are NOT updating the ledgers with new publishers who have earned payouts.

i got the payments this morning thx a lot guys

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I got my payment too. Thanks.


Hello , im not reveive any payments from brave
can you help me please ?

Thank you

my payment status went from ‘in progress’ to just changing the date to 0ct 8th. My pages are verified, uphold verified, both over 90 days.

Please Check mine too. It say next deposit 9 September 2019, but I dont get it…