No payout options for 2 months - BAT not rising

Not only has there been no option to withdraw my BATs and put them into my Uphold account, it also seems like my amount of BATs isn’t rising anymore for several weeks now, despite me going through the entire troubleshooting procedure which is suggested on the help sites.

This seems to be a widespread problem for quite some time now with many users, not just me.

I’ve read something about “technical difficulties” which would be acceptable if it wasn’t be going on for so long now. It is also everything but growing people’s trust in an application which prides itself to be “privacy focussed”, when they can’t fix their product and make it work as advertised.

I have to be honest: The only reason for me to use Brave at all, was that instead of me browsing and feeding “them” out there for free, at least here I would get a few pennies in return. All security aside, I mean, everybody can install himself the plugins he needs to do what the Brave browser is doing by default so that point wasn’t making me decide to install and use it.

Now, that it seems like the only reason I did broke away and I really don’t see any convincing point for me to continue using it.

It has been a nice experiment. Maybe future generations will learn from it, but this journey right here seems to come to its end soon. Once enough people get mad and start to complain all over the net, the brand will be damaged for good and this operation will be labelled as a scam in people’s heads. At least the people who only read headlines will understand it like that.


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