Pending BAT for months

Hi, I hope everyone’s well!

I had already messaged @steeven about this days ago, but he doesn’t appear to have seen the message yet, so I decided to come to the community to see if anyone else was having similar issues and/or knows the solution.

I downloaded Brave months ago, and had gained 50+ BAT since.

In November, none of it had been paid out (so my wallet was at zero). Since December 05 (which was my payout date), 13 BAT have been paid out, so 43 are pending now.

It’s been days since the payout date and apparently they had already been paid for unverified wallets almost a week ago. I was giving it some days to all pay through since the status post said that it can take some days- except it’s over ten days now.

I’d like to make a wallet, but am short of 12 BAT. Can anything be done about this please?

Thank you for the help/responses!

I have the same problem. I got BAT in July. But so far that BAT is still pending

I see; did you ask about it by any chance and get a response?

@rose_glue thanks for your patience! Please see response to your DM.

Hi @steeven, please see your DMs

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