No more free monthly Bats?


I have been two months without receiving the free monthly bats to donate to creators. Are you going to distribute more bats or is it just some kind of problem with my browsers?


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No more. Wait till brave ads is rolled out


don’t copy Paste the FAQ.
that does not give the answer to the problem, there are no “grants” since February
nothing in the past month.

You’re wrong
if they gave grants in February and in March they gave for Android and for PC.
Brave support I recommend updating the Brave
I complained in March and many of my followers also claimed them.
I brave recommend doing these steps and many received their BAT

Harold, we can’t understand your idea really well. If you want, say it in spanish.

Have you received BAT’s so far in april with the method on the video? = Has recibido BAT’s ahora en abril con el metodo en el video?

the method on the video is only on android and only when you creat account, is not a “grants monthly”.
and nothing to do with desktop versions.

So You’re wrong.

@tomato34 Are the rewards for new Android browsers still available?

no, i don’t think …

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