No more contributions of 30 bats a month for computers?

Hello community!
Today, I have a simple question, as the title says, are they no longer going to distribute contributions to computers on a monthly basis?
Taking into account that before they said that every month, everyone would receive a certain amount of bats to their browsers on the computer, to be donated to creators of content and thus support them.
It should be noted that for 3 months no bats have been received in the computers to carry out this action, this month will be the same? There are no more contributions to computers? What’s going on? I expect prompt answers.
Greetings. @Asad @chriscat @eljuno


There is no fixed schedule for the free token grants, and as you’ve observed, we haven’t been issuing many token grants on desktop lately. They may start again in the future for desktop, but there is no fixed schedule nor promise of promotional BAT grants for users on a monthly basis.

The primary way of earning BAT, especially on desktop, is through Brave Ads. As Brave Ads becomes more prevalent, we will be decreasing the frequency of free BAT token grants.


I understand your point as soon as Brave Ads, but how do we do that we are not allowed to “work” through the Brave Ads, due to the region in which we are?

We will be increasing regional support over time. We hope to have near full global support by the end of 2019.

From our Brave Ads troubleshooting FAQ:

(1) When will Brave Ads support my country?

We’re aiming for regional support that covers most of the globe by the end of 2019. We went to market with English, French, German, and will be releasing Japanese support soon. Language localizing the ML models, while continually improving the models, will take some time.

Currently supported countries and regions: United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Canada, France, Germany.

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I get it. And what do you tell me about what @Asad told me a month ago, in which in this current month, we were going to receive a contribution of bats to our browsers, is it true or false?

Hello, is BraveAds work in French Polynesia because I’ve got nothing since I installed Brave Browser

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  1. Please don’t threadjack. This is to answer another topic.
  2. If French Polynesia is considered part of France, then presumably it should be included, just as US territories are included in the US. The current supported regions are : US , Canada, UK, French, and Germany
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Grants are randomly distributed from a limited pool. Nobody is entitled to them. You have an even chance to receive one as anyone else when they are available.

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I understand, in conclusion, there is nothing left to do but wait. Thank you.

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