I’m extremely confused on how to earn BAT

I’m new to this and just downloaded the browser into my phone. I’m not quite understanding how I go about earning BATs…

Hi @BeardedGinger,

For now, Brave Rewards is only available for desktop.

  • If you’re a user, you can get a free BAT from the grants that happens once a month. The received BAT then can be used to support publishers/creators through Brave Rewards.

  • If you’re a publishers, you can start receiving BAT from Brave users. brave.com/publishers

  • Or through referral program brave.com/refer

  • If you asking about Brave Ads, this feature not available yet. Still in the work. It’ll arrived to desktop first then mobile is following.

Hope that can make it clear for you.

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For the monthly grants, how are those notification received? Do we receive an e-mail or does the browser notify us?


You will be notified through the browser. The Brave Rewards icon is next to the Brave lion in the upper right corner.:smiley:

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When is the release of the Brave Ads?

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how long do the monthly grants last? i recived it for 2 months and then contributed some that i bought on coinbase but now the grants have stopped coming in?

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