Help me with brave rewards creators (resolved)

Good evening, exactly 1 month ago, on July 15, I downloaded and used BRAVE for the first time. I did not receive the BAT tokens for turning 1 month. Does it take a long time to give it to you?

There is no incentive for you yourself using the browser other than Ads. You have to onboard others and after they compete the 30 days, you would get the appropriate BAT in your Publisher account.

Ah, because I saw in a video, that said that for using it for 30 days they gave you some free tokens to claim

That was a long time ago. They distributed BATs to encourage tipping. Those BATs could not be converted to other tokens or send to bank accounts, we could only tip them to others. After sometime untipped BATs were taken back by the system.
Also I heard long time ago they used to give like 20 BATs for downloading brave and signing up for rewards

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