Last day still no BAT this month

Its 31 today and still no BAT for March. I read lots of posts here with the same problem but no resolve or answers from people who can/should give an answer.

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@KiNQURO please see for “When grants available”. Just keep an eye for notification on your Brave.


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Are you talking about grants or your publisher balance?

If it’s grants you’re worried about, they are issued on a semi-monthly basis. Hang in there, more on the way.

The published payouts happen automatically on the 8th of the month. In order to receive BAT you’ll need to have your account verified with Uphold. See this thread with some common solutions to payout issues - Some common solutions to late/incomplete payouts.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m talking about the grants, didnt got any last month, this month and i bet i’m not gonna get it next month either.

More grants are always on the way soon – sorry you didn’t get any yet!

In case you didn’t realize, grants have to be claimed via the Rewards panel in the browser (this can be accessed by clicking the BAT icon in the address bar).

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