No longer seeing Brave News ads amongst the news articles


I am no longer seeinf the ads that are normally found inbetween Brave News articles.

It is the same situation on all my devices (windows/android).

Any reason this happening or do I need ro do something to fix this?



I am also not receiving ads in brave news articles. I Think is some kind of bug in browser.
I think Hopefully its get sorted soon.

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Hello everyone

idem for me.

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Is it the same on all your devices?

Yes in laptop and android phone.

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Yes on all devices its not showing

same problem from last 1 week

Same here.

I suspect it’s caused by a mechanism called “Pacing delivery” which postpones the ad serving. Probably a workaround measure to slow down abusers.

In practice, it happens that most of the inline content ads (news) are only being shown within an 1-hour window or so, in the middle of the night. It’s bad for us but also for the advertiser I reckon since nobody is seeing it.


i have checked several times during the day / night and i see nothing!

the whole purpose of the add is to see it, so not sure how its abuse if i am actively viewing them when available lol

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Well, I don’t know how’s the current catalog in your country, but try and check between 03:00 and 04:00 UTC (this is when it usually appears for me) or maybe right after your local midnight.

I’m not sure if it’s a local or global parameter though.

Sometime they change hours, but news ads are definitely time related, personally I got them, usually around 7:00 and 0:00 utc.

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But it definitely wasn’t time related until a few days ago.

What’s your local UTC offset?

I’m italian, it’s utc +2

I am also italian and have the same problem

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Let’s not forget they’re about to remove wallet linking limits so it’s no surprise such cappings occurring right now.

Hope it’s a temporary measure since these “news” ads are usually worth.

Are they? I had no idea. Thanks for letting me know.

Im currenty british summer time and ive been randomly checking throughout the entire day where possible but no luck

Android: 0
Desktop: maybe 3 per day

yes, this started happening just few days ago

Yeah. ETA at this month end yet not guaranteed.

Implement solution for linking limits · Issue #18572 · brave/brave-browser