Not getting Brave-Ads from Nightly

Not getting Brave-Ads from Nightly
Hi, I re-downloaded Brave when I found out that Brave-Ads are now available in Italy.
I’ve been using Nightly for a while now (at least a week) and I’m still not getting any Brave-Ads whatsoever.

I also have Brave on my phone and it’s working fine, so I’m assuming it’s just an issue with the Nightly Edition? Is it a bug or a deliberate decision?

Thanks for your help, can’t wait to see ads and support creators.

Hi @Exylon, welcome to community, and thanks for posting! Note that the amount of Ads that you select to view is an “up to” setting, see FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

Are you on Window’s 10?

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Hi @steeven, yes I’m using Windows 10. The Ads-per-hour setting is maxed out at 5 ads per hour, but I’m not getting any ads.
The Brave Rewards settings are exactly the same on my phone and it works there but not on my PC.