Seeing 2 IC ads right below each other

Hi. Talking about Brave Nightly here.

I am seeing 2 Inline content ads (Brave news ads) right below each other. Happens only for the first ad I see after launching Nightly. After that it seems to work just fine.

The weird thing being that the box says it’s some news article but displays a Brave ad instead of the news article. Been seeing this since a fortnight already.

Brave version number - 1.60.33
Operating system - Android 13
Connected Custodial - Zebpay (India only)
Device make & model - Poco X3 pro (India)

Troubleshoot steps tried -

  1. tried turning off news → restart Brave → Turn news on → still see the same thing.

Screenshot -

since the zebpay collab news , android nightly got 3 updates , but release version is still stuck in 1.57 , whats this thing with the play store

Really don’t know. I just downloaded Release from Github and installed it lol. Seems play store is lagging quite behind

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Same in beta version (1.59.93).

Thanks for noticing and reporting.

Have you seen this happen in release version yet?

So this issue seems to be originating when Zebpay is connected.

I have connected Zebpay to my brave rewards profile on Brave release version.

Version number -

Android version - Android 13

Make & model of device - Xiaomi 11 Lite NE 5G

@chriscat could you look into this?

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