No longer receiving ads

For the past 3 weeks I get maybe 1 ad every 2 days on my laptop. If I am on my phone connected to the same wifi I get like 10 ads a day, but it is iphone so I get no benefit to it since apple blocks Bat rewards. What could be causing this? I have my settings set to get the maximum ads possible

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It depends on your region and how many ad campaigns are available there. Take a look here:

Not sure why, but it does seem to be different between mobile and desktop devices. It also depends on which device you use more. With the next version, you will be able to set your maximum ads per hour to as high as 10 (subject to ads availability, of course).


So I am not exactly sure what to do with that, but I loaded it and there were like 40 different ads with the progress bar thing being like 80% on most of them.

That sounds about right. It should update every 30 minutes, but sometimes I see it get stuck. It seems that if I manually reload that page, it kicks something loose, and I suddenly get ads again.

I will try it, I checked my push notifications on windows and there is nothing that would be stopping the ads from reaching me on Windows side so this is a brave issue

There could be several variables that make a device not receieve ads. I would like to take a look at your logs to see what could be causing your issue.

Please do the following to send me your logs :

  1. Turn on Enable Brave Rewards verbose logging inside of brave://flags
  2. Fill out this form and attach your logs (which can be found in brave://rewards-internals under Logs, be sure to press Refresh) here is the link to the form →
  3. Once completed, DM me your case number and I will have a look.

Thank you!


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Thank you! I have most of the stuff done, I just do not know how to locate my “Payment ID” that it asks for on the ticket.

Hey @MMillz !

Sorry for the delayed reply.

You can find your payment ID at brave://rewards-internals. It will be listed as your wallet ID.


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Problem! And I managed to, I messaged my case number the other day.

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The same absolutely nothing on brave stable, linux, here.

Since the newest update I have began receiving ads normally again.

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