Not receiving any ads since 5 months ago

For whatever reason, I no longer get any ads on my main desktop computer. I am using Windows 10, and yes, I made sure Focus Assist is disabled. I don’t use proxies or VPNs. The test push notification works. Btw I do get ads on Brave Mobile on Android. Does Brave have any tech support that can look at my wallet status and tell me what’s going on???

I earn very little BAT as it is (only ~7 BAT in 9 months with two devices where I use Brave daily) and Brave’s resource usage on Desktop is atroucious compared to Edge (despite both being based on Chromium) so I might just switch back to Edge if I cannot earn any BAT anyways.

i have my settings set to 10 ads an hour and i havent received any bat or for anything - i dont even know if im receiving ads

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