No longer receiving ads as of mid April

I haven’t been receiving any ads since around the middle of April. Not really sure why, I checked the settings and I still have them set to “10 ads per hour”. Anyone else having this issue? Started right around the time I got my March payout, because March payouts were delayed.


I havnt been receiving ads for 3 months… I found out that my account was Flagged and the process is ridiculous. i still use Brave broswer on 4 devices though but this is BS

@Jadenmyerholtz Please follow these steps related to ads issues:

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I did not see ads for two months. I contacted few times with support, they said there is no problem with your account. So obiviusly there is problem exist with brave.

Hello , me too for 3 months!! what happen?

not sure if that website is a good tool. I receive ads on this browser but still get errors on that website. And on the browser that has troubles I actually see a notification…

Im not really sure what happened, i wasnt contacted at all and there is no customer service. Im assuming they flagged my account because i use brave browser on multiple devices. Not sure why id be flagged for that but its all i could come up with.

I also have 3 device and up to two months ago I regularly received BAT for each devise. But since February they blocked me first one station and this month suddenly the second one too. I currently only redeem rewards on one devise. moreover, when they pay the rewards of a month, they are always much less than those accumulated in the current month.

i dont know why that would cause for being flagged since they have SYNC option. and the process to getting deflagged is nothing but wait. seems bad.

most likely you are flagged, and all they will help you is to “just wait, and do nothing”
if you will read the forum here you will see people who were doing what they asked - doing nothing and waiting- for over 4 months with no result…so good luck :slight_smile:

I would suggest reinstalling brave, worked for me.

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EVERYONE go through every setting listed in this text above. I did and found my issue as to why I wasn’t receiving anymore ads. Somehow, my windows settings flipped and started blocking all popups when I was in fullscreen mode on the browser. Started getting ads again the very next day :slight_smile:


Check your windows settings, make sure focus assist is off and any other notification blocking settings while using Brave in full screen.

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