You snubbed our report against refferal stats

just tell us if the brave referral is end so we stopped complaining about it sir.

Hi @aces - it’s still running. Can you elaborate a bit?

I invite my co workers using my refferal LINK but the stats in my dashboard is none installation but they are download it and install. it’s been 2 or 3days ago since I invite them

Hi @aces - thanks for reporting. We’re investigating this now.

Thank you.

thank you for that response please back to me if the problem was solve thank you again

Will do - I’ll let you know as soon as we have an update.

thank you so much sir

My download and install statistics have not been updated for 5 days.
I spent a lot of money on advertising to introduce links.
Hope you complete the investigation soon. I am very scared
Thank you

Hi @trantinhceo - thank you for your patience. I’m hoping we’ll know more by end of day today. Thank you.

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Thanks for answering me.
We will wait to see your update

any update for this issue? because until now my ref stats is still the same

snubbed us again, there’s no update about this issue

Same thing to me too

yeah I think they still investigating this issue

Hi any update about this thread?

Hi All - please see this post - An update on recent Brave Rewards issues and next steps

Missing referral downloads from Creators dashboard

Yet another issue that surfaced recently was that some of the creators found that their referral downloads were not being counted correctly. We experienced a temporary outage between Jan 10, 2020 and Jan 13, 2020 that caused failure to log referral codes appropriately. This issue has been resurrected and we are ensuring that the download numbers are double checked before we post a fix.

We can assure that none of your downloads or confirmations will be lost. Any impacted accounts will be fixed by February 15th, and your dashboard numbers should return to normal then. You’ll be paid out for any missing downloads in the March 8th payout (this was the original date for payment against these missing downloads).

There’s no need to reach out to Brave Support for this issue. Your downloads will automatically be restored.

We thank you for your patience as we are dealing with hundreds of incoming support cases. Please be patient as we sort out these issues. If you have any questions, let us know here in this thread.