No BAT for Feb or March Earning Brave Profile is Flagged

Briefly describe your issue:
I have not received the BAT earned in February or March 2022. My account states it is flagged and has been for over two weeks.
What Operating System and Brave version are you using (Menu --> About Brave)?
Windows 11
Is your browser wallet currently verified? (yes/no)
No, it won’t verify because my Rewards Account is flagged
What date did you verify your wallet?

Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past?
Are you using a VPN? (yes/no)
Yes, Surfshark
Are you in a supported region (see here for list of supported regions)?
In United States
Does your device pass the SafteyNet check (Android only)?
Have you manually turned off Auto-contribute on all of your devices linked to Uphold??

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How do you know if your profile is flagged? I have similar issue, I didn’t receive my BAT reward for Feb and Mar, and I also stopped receiving ads. But I don’t know how to check if my profile is flagged as yours. Thanks!

When I tried to verify my Gemini wallet I get a message that my Brave Rewards account is flagged. Until then I didn’t know why I was not getting Rewards.


Please try closing all brave tabs and relaunching brave.


NOT getting help from anyone till now.

Admin told me I am going to receive my privious 3 month payment.But now my 3 year old account is showing it’s under review.

Solve this problem plz…


it is the same for me. I can’t verify with gemini since december and I haven’t received ads and payment since that month. I don’t know what to do, also 2 weeks ago my account was flagged without any point

This has been going on for an extended period of time, brave has been closed and restarted repeated, computer has been shut down and restarted also.

So are Brave Rewards broken? I’ve been down for over a month, possibly two. This statement doesn’t give one confidence it will be fixed when it is the only information I’ve been given. " Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards profile has been flagged, and you’re not able to verify with a custodian at this time. This flag can sometimes be due to irregular Brave Ads activity, though it can also be a false positive.

Note that while your Brave Rewards profile is flagged, you won’t be able to verify.

No action is required on your part. Your Brave Rewards profile will be automatically reevaluated on a regular basis to determine when (or if) the flag can be removed. Please try again every so often to see if the flag has been removed.

Learn more about Brave’s process for flagging Rewards profiles."

How does one get to the “form” as I have been unable to find any way to contact Brave other than the community forum, as looking at the others who are equally frustrated with the lack of support from the Brave (the provider) not forum members, I think that is what I and the other posters on this thread are asking for.

If you click on the link in my above post from @Mattches , there is a link to the form there.

There is no link in any previous messages in this thread. There is also no replies to @Mattches in this thread.

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Now i am feeling that fun of brave rewards is coming to an end. I am fan of brave that blocks ads and pay you rewards for watching the ads.

It’s literally 3 posts up from where you just said there is no post with a link…

Brave and Brave rewards aren’t going anywhere.

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it must be a different thread, there is nothing in my thread here.

Exactly 3 posts up from where you said there was no link. 3. Exactly 3.

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