No ADS since 10 days

I’m not receiving anymore the ADS. I received it as usual till 9 September. Nothing is changed on my laptop (win10, no VPN, etc,etc). Am I banned again for some reason?


I have exactly the same issue, i receive ads on my phone but not on Desktop. Since 12/9 for me…

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@steeven can you help me??

Likewise. It’s all very confusing

yeah a large number of issues over the last month + for me. not sure many folks are getting help in here. I wonder

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No ads for months for me, always the same error in the logs :] Failed to get signed tokens

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I’ve not been getting ads consistently, but every so often I’ll press F5 to refresh the screen and the rewards counter will increase.

been getting ads as well, but still not earning enough BAT

I’m also having same issue since August, but even in here it seems nobody cares we are on our own lol


After one week: still no ADS and no one single answer from brave. What’s going on?

Once again, now I can see more people are in the same position… Still no solution available


No ADs and no support… maybe it is time to disable the rewards.


I reset my wallet and it works again, now I have ads.
If you have nothing to lose, this is the solution that worked for me: No ads, Info invalid

It’s better to stop using Brave and start Chrome, then they will take this issue seriously. I feel most of the users including me are facing this issue, but no help its way beyond disappointment.


Same bro, almost a month without ads


really dont look good does it. sorry so many folks are having issues its all I hear in passive crypto communities and the like.
its clearly not the majority of users effected of brave would be in hot water but its gotta be a large number to explain how many issues one keeps hearing about.

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I haven’t had ads for maybe 2 months now? No help at all from Brave. Looks like the Brave Support Team is non-existent. Wondering why I should stay in Brave and no go back to Chrome or even Safari now.

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At this time I use Brave for the Shields, I don’t care about BAT that much nowadays, since I’m tired of again not getting ads anymore.
But you people hold your horses about going to Chrome, that cr*p is bloated spyware at this time. Using chrome or having a spy camera up your bottom is the same at this point, but if you like “Big Brother” so much, by all means…
Use another chrome clone instead, there are dozens of them, or why not, degoogled Chromium? Or, just wait and keep using Brave, it’s a cool browser with shields, which speeds up things and uses less memory. And that is a much more important reason to use a browser, instead of “it gives me some cents once in a while…”

Read a little bit up in my post. ““It is time to disable the rewards”” not to use a different browser.

I’m trying to understand the problem about the ads.

You could do the same:

Go to this page brave://flags/ and enable the verbose logging

Restart the browser and go to this page brave://rewards-internals/

Click on “LOGS”

and click on UPDATE

Scroll down the log and check for some errors.

In my log I have a lot of these:

I found the issue on github ( ). The ticket is closed, but is it fixed?

Anybody here without ads and the same error in the logs?

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