Ads only few days


If I create a new account, I get ads for a few days, then nothing. If I create a new account again, I get ads again. Does anyone else have this? What could be the problem?

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Since when have you noticed the beginning of this behavior?

A few months ago. Do you have this too?

Not for months, but since last week I noticed a major change in ads behaviour.

They’re limiting the unblinded tokens refills, sometimes even for 2-3 days. Therefore, no unblinded tokens, no ads.

It seems to be server-side-only.

The response I’m getting is: {"error":"Number of allowed tokens exceeded","statusCode":429}

Which device, OS, are you using? What is the version number?
It seems some older devices are having similar issues.

An old Macbook air with Monterey, Do you have any solution?

Does anyone have a similar problem?

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