NFL Gamepass Will Not Log In With Brave

Hi, I am new to Brave and to this Forum. I really like Brave but am struggling with one thing. When I try to sign into NFL Gamepass, I put my credentials in and hit login and the page just resets and wants my credentials again. I have tried it with shields on and off with same results. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance

Have you tried in private window? (If it works there, it’s either cookies or extensions causing your issue. Typically it’s extensions)

How about new profile? (If it works in new profile, it’s likely settings or extensions.)

Those are two very common troubleshooting steps.

Thanks for the help. It worked fine when I tried it in a private window so I turned off all extensions and in the regular window it still wouldn’t log into Game Pass.

Okay, which generally suggests extensions or cookies.

Still could be extensions, as some create issues even when disabled for some reason. However, we’d typically just disregard extensions for a moment and would go to the other possibility I mentioned…cookies.

I know it will be annoying because you’ll get logged out of everything, but could you remove cookies for All Time and test? brave://settings/clearBrowserData


If that doesn’t work, then we would dig deeper on possibility of extensions. Best way to test will be creating that new (secondary) profile and testing. Then perhaps adding the same extensions to that profile and see if issue occurs. If so, then know 100% it’s the extensions and would remove from that new profile until it works again. Then you’d know which extension you may need to remove from your main profile.

So up to you if want to try all the testing on new profile first or to clear cookies, but it should definitely be one of the two since it’s working on private window.

Looks like the cookies did it. It is working fine now. Thank you very much for your help.

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