Brave Shields Interfering With Captcha and Log In

This is a report regarding Brave Shields literally blocking access or interfering with a certain process.

I’ve had this issue for a while on 2 separate websites. The captcha failures were on Epic Games Store. No matter what I did, the Captcha always fails when I’m redeeming one of their Giveaways. I get a failure message every single time.
The Log In failure was on TikTok. I kept getting messages that I expired my log in attempts and I should try again later.
I tried every thing from clearing all browsing data and cashed images and files, using the private window, turning off extension and disabling my Anti-Virus. Nothing seemed to work. All failed the same, until I decided to turn off my favorite feature in Brave Browser: Brave Shields. It was like magic; everything started to work again.

Please look into this. Brave Shields is blocking something that it shouldn’t. This needs to be fixed very soon please.
Brave Brower Version:

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I use Epic Games and don’t have problems with it, so no, Brave is not blocking anything that it shouldn’t on default settings, if not everyone would get affected as well.
I literally have to log in and do captchas in Epic Games all the time and only when it is a server problem is when I have problems.

Also, “Shields” is a group of many things, what exactly is causing the issue? Did you even try to turn some options off to see exactly what it was?
Pretty much the only that has to be made to Shields settings is set the Adblocker to Aggressive and leave everything as default.
Did you do anything else?

Any regional list you enabled? anything you changed from default settings?

Also, Devtools console or network tab screenshots, even screenshot for the Shields panel on epic games or Shields settings would be more useful.
The problem has to be somewhere, just turning Shields off is usually not a good idea because you aren’t giving real feedback what is breaking the website if you do that.

Alright then, let me share what I have. First, I don’t recall the last time I even touched anything in Brave since everything was working perfectly and my customization of Brave is fairly limited. The thing here is that Brave got updated and then this happened. So, there is no point in asking me what I did. Everything worked just fine before the update and now it doesn’t after the update.

This is an SS from Epic Games Store while I’m trying to redeem a game and we see that the shield is blocking 2 things:

This is what the shield is blocking:

This is an SS from TikTok while I’m trying to Log In and fails:

This is what the shield is blocking:

I’m pretty sure I have the same issue.
I have ublock origin and NoScript installed as well.
I tried every combination of disabling the Extensions, but only when Brave Shield was down for (store) was I able to finally login.

Most of the time I would only be served 2 instead of 3 images. Sometimes it was 3 images, yet I still received errors upon submitting the hcaptcha.

First, go to brave://settings/shields and set Shields to Aggressive, so it blocks first-party and third-party trackers/ads/anything like uBlock does.

Second, this is what I meant in my post, you had to start switching things off individually to know exactly what it is.

For example, set Fingerprinting to Allow Fingerprinting and test, it seems that fingerprinting protection could be the problem, even on Standard I got problems logging in and making some captchas.

You could also try going to brave://settings/cookies and add [*.] to Sites that can always use cookies with the including third-party cookies checkbox on. and try again.
But don’t think it is this reason, because Brave is not really blocking the cookies but putting them in the Ephemeral Storage, which means they are only seen by EpicGames, and used accordingly. But doesn’t hurt to try if issues persist.

It is not the Adblocker because it is only blocking tracking stuff, not really any essential scripts for the captchas.

When I got issues, Allowing fingerprinting, seems like made things better, sometimes not even having to input captchas and all that.

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