Can't log into

I’ve enabled all Cookies in Settings and using the shield, but still unable to log into the site. showing this issue

Hey LHafoka13,

Got a few questions for you:

  1. Can you confirm your Brave version?
  2. I assume you mean you turned your Shield off? If not, does it work with the Shield off?
  3. Can you try this in a new profile?

Hey, Adrian_02,

This may be an issue with the site we’re using, possibly not supporting the Brave browser.

I just downloaded the browser for Mac, so it should be the most updated version.

I turned the shield off, turned it on and enabled all cookies, manually enabled all cookies in the browser settings, and still get re-routed without being logged in.

Are you having the same issue accessing the login on other browsers?

We have a similar issue when using Safari; however, there are settings that can be adjusted in Safari in order to make this work.

So I was wondering if you knew of any additional settings that can be adjusted in Brave to make this work other than enabling cookies, turning the shield off, etc. since we’ve already tried those things.

Well, those aside, what specifically did you change in Safari to make it work?

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