LastPass website and extension not working

I’m trying to use the LastPass extension but it isn’t working. I click on the icon and nothing happens I got to the website and try to log in but it’s a blank page with LastPass logo in the top right

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@endlord15 Works for me.

So try some of the basic troubleshooting steps if you would.

  1. Open in a Private Window. See if it makes a difference. (Checks for a few things, but primary is if it’s an extension causing issues)

  2. Create a new profile and check the site with that.

  3. If you’re using a VPN, try disabling it and test.

Also, please verify the following:

  • Version of Brave you’re using

  • Which OS you’re on

  • Exact URL you’re visiting.

  • If toggling Shields off makes a difference

  • If you can pull up the site on Chrome.

Facing the same issue. The lastpass extension, when clicked does not open up the tiny tray icon and opening the website does not work either.

Tried using private windows and that didn’t help.
Also cleared cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the extension but no good

Same issue. It is a plugin, and the website login page doesn’t work. Makes no difference if you have shields up or not. Since it’s a plugin, it won’t ever work in a private page. But I can log in to the site on a private page. Presumably something in the plugin API has changed - since it still works on my MacOS which hasn’t updated the plugin in a while.

This is on Linux. Brave 1.44.105.

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