New version message is like ad & screws up screen recording

My screen recording of a movie was wrecked because brave put out a message on the screen about a new version of brave being available. This message was not recognized as a “notification” by macos so was allowed to show up on the screen. For my usage, this is just as bad as an ad showing up & is very annoying. Perhaps you can add to brave preferences an option to disable such messages, or put them somewhere other than on the screen.


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I’m sorry – do you know where and how this notification appeared? To my knowledge, we do not send out push notifications or alerts when there is a browser update available. Instead, you’ll see the main menu icon change to a green, yellow, or red arrow, which indicates that there is a new update available:


I was on-screen recording an opera from the Paris opera house. About 90 minutes into it, a message appeared on top of part of the video telling me about a new version of brave & giving me the version number. It definitely came from brave, I’m guessing it is not what Apple calls a notification since I had turned those off. Whatever it was, it came from Brave and it would be a pain for me to try to defend against it-- probably couldn’t. Is there anything you or I could do?



Can you share a screenshot of the message @byeats? And your Brave version?


That screenshot opportunity is long gone. Next time it happens I’ll capture it.The brave version running when the problem happened is the one just before the current version.


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That will be great. And your Brave version too. :relaxed:


I had a previous discussion of a problem with you, some of which is described below. It ended with me saying that if it happened again I would take a full screen picture of the brave notification of a new version that automatically shows up (now attached below). When this occurs during an on-screen video recording session, the video is wrecked-- the same as if an ad popped up. You’ve got to stop this or add a preference to allow disabling such automatic pop-ups. I’m on macos running mojave, and brave version Version 1.7.98 Chromium: 81.0.4044.113 (Official Build) (64-bit) .

What’s the plan?


Bob Yeats

Thank you for the screenshot and information.
We’ve have/have opened the following issues to have this problem addressed:

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