[Feedback] Brave Ads Popup - Taking priority over media


Getting sick of the new notification style brave has released. Traditional windows notifications would not take priority over media such as videos on full screen, or games. As well as while “Do not Disturb” mode is enabled.

But with the new ‘in house’ programmed notification. It is quite frustrating playing a competitive video game, and getting the ad pop up right over critical info. To make things even worse, clicking the ‘x’ button on the ad will steal focus and minimize any game that is in full-screen mode.

This is bordering ‘virus’ / ‘hijacking’ territory. Now ok, yes this is a browser it is not a virus.
But there is no way anyone would want their browser to behave like this.

I think the in-house ad problem was solved a few weeks back. They seem to have shut down the whole thing after brave community, disliking it just as yourself. I personally did not get a single in-house ad after their “experiment” few months back.

Is your brave browser updated to the latest version??


I’m on version 1.32.113. It appears to be the latest version.

I just realised that these are in face Windows notification. I just upgraded to windows 11 so the look is completely different. And when I heard brave made their own, I only assumed.

I should be sending my thoughts to Microsoft I guess :slight_smile: Good luck that would do haha.

To anyone reading, I did find this setting, but I don’t think it would work unless you willing to bother with whitelisting apps. And still no solution for media like videos etc.

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