Ad Feature suggested change


I really do like the brave browser I like the ad feature however i think there needs to be a tweak.

I am sitting here watching a movie on amazon prime and ding add pops up in the corner. It took me out of the experience of the film. Again Ad pops up and again. Could you please look at adding a detection script to the ad service to query if the Browser is running video if so don’t serve the ad.


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Just a FYI, what you’re asking for is that you use Focus Assist which is available on Windows.

But even better would be to adjust how your notifications are served. For example, check out my settings:

The setup you see above will serve notifications but without the popup or anything. I also turned off sound as hearing the “ding” from the notifications got annoying. This way you’ll continuously have Brave Ads served to you but they won’t interrupt anything. Then you just open your Notification Center in the bottom right once in a while to see the ads and can Clear all notifications to remove them from there.

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This is a good response, thanks @Saoiray .

One question about it, I’m thinking this would also disable pop-ups and sounds from sites that you allow notifications from – e.g., Gmail telling you that you got a new email? (Which might be fine depending on the user, just something to be aware of if true.)

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