Feedback regarding new Brave Ads design

Dear Devs/Mods,

I don’t know how active anybody is on this community as I saw several topics similar to mine with 0 responses, but I have decided to go through and share my thoughts either way. I just made an account on the Brave Community just to share this feedback with you, so please consider the points made below:

In my personal opinion the new ads design language is awful.

I do clearly understand the intentions behind it and that some users would cheat the system by hiding system notifications (which is a response I read on this forum).

I am not upset by the fact that the ads were moved to a browser level as opposed to system level. In fact, I strongly agree that the rules should apply for everybody and people should not be rewarded for cheating.

What really upsets me is the design language you went for:

  • Despite both windows and brave being set to dark theme, the ads are bright white, which is really frustrating and just looks out of place. It is especially frustrating when browsing late at night.

  • I understand the design language is supposed to be sleek and modern but in reality you have achieved what looks like an adware virus or a really cheap pop up from a website. The text is not centered, there’s a blank bar at the top only to be filled with the word “ad” at the very corner, which feels like a waste of space.

  • The new ads do not have a sound/notification. I did not think would be a problem until we moved to the new design, and it just feels weird not having the windows notification sound come up with the brave ad.

  • Users did not get a warning (at least I did not?) that this change will be happening. In my honest opinion its quite a drastic change to how ads worked and a warning message should have been issued at least a few days prior to the change so that people were aware of what will be happening.

  • Despite Windows user’s notifications being defaulted to the bottom right for literal years, you decided to place it on the top right now, which is extremely hard to get used to and was very uncalled for. Furthermore, whoever came up with this decision clearly did not consider the windows action keys (minimize, maximize, close) are also on the top right! In many instances I managed to close my browser while trying to close an ad. I would also like to point out that this placement might be particularly difficult/unfair for people with hand movement or coordination disabilities. Please consider moving it back to the lower right corner.

I cannot even begin to express the frustration I feel towards this as these seem to be mistakes that could have easily been avoided. Please consider making some changes based on the points I made. I am choosing to stick with Brave for now as I always believed it to be a privacy respecting “people’s” browser.

If any mods or devs came across this, any response would be highly appreciated!

Kind regards,

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In a funny coincidence, Brave must have updated just after I upgraded to Windows 11. That’s when the new Brave Ads started coming in and at first I thought it had something to do with Windows 11. I agree that the design for these new non-system-notification ads needs improvement.

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I personally thank you for spending your time writing with many important details your point of view and how you currently feel about it. And let me tell you a secret: I agree with you one hundred percent in everything you write. I could add something else, it seems that Brave is simply a university project. It is too basic and it takes a long time to solve very simple details that could be executed in another way and thus not cause so many errors in so many machines around the world. With this, I do not want to underestimate the great work they have done so far, but this project has some very strong and really huge competitors. we just have to wait :money_mouth_face:

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